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The Admin Committee/Team is the core server admins for AllStarLink/PTTLink.

Fundamentally it's a meritocracy, people who can get stuff done work with others to get stuff done. If you have the ability, time and want to help out, please reach out to an existing member or send an email to


The below are general responsibilities of the Admin Committee. This is not a complete list and we don't expect every member to be able to do everything.

  • Maintain all AllStarLink services for the community
  • Develop new methods and procedures enabling the goal of always available services
  • Work with and take direction from the AllStarLink Board of Directors
  • Communicate with the community via app_rpt list
  • Work tickets in the helpdesk


We encourage anyone interested to assist and reach out to or another admin team member if they want to help out. With many people working on the same problem we can make easy work.

  • Express an interest in committing time to help
  • Be well known to an existing member of the team
  • Be present in the slack, email and possibly IRC channel
  • Have time to devote to working tickets or working on the other parts of the project
  • Protect the secure information of our members and do not disclose any sensitive information outside of the admin committee with out prior board approval.


The project has needs for anyone with any of the following skills:

  • Front End HTML/PHP/SQL (LAMP programer)
  • Linux sysadmin
  • MariaDB
  • Networking
  • Perl (not for new use)
  • Python
  • Ansible/puppet
  • Linux/KVM
  • VMware
  • more people to work tickets
  • Technical Writers