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AppRpt Central

  • AppRpt Central - GitHub repository featuring software and information to setup your own AllStarLink/PTTLink technology based network


  • ASL-AsteriskNG - Announcing the ASL-AsteriskNG client. Slated to the be the future ASL 1.10 release.

How To & Guides

How To

  • Switching To PTTLink - Information on how to switch to using the PTTLink servers.
  • ASL FAQ - Questions and answers about the AllStarLink/PTTLink software distribution.
  • Credits & Contributions - Recognizing everyone who had contributed over years and made this possible (A largely incomplete list).
  • Allmon2 - Allmon2 step by step instructions for install and setup Allmon2.
  • Change call sign - Step by step call sign change on site and node.
  • Change node password - Step by step call sign change passwords.
  • Features - A list of the features found in AllStarLink/PTTLink
  • Find my node number - How can you find your node number(s) on your ASL/PTT account.
  • How To's - A collection of AllStarLink/PTTLink how to's.
  • Node Configuration - Detailed configuration settings.
  • NNX - Node Number Extensions. Expand any issued node number to as many as 10 node numbers.
  • Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting common problems, things to try, and hints to solve the problem.
  • Radio Connections - Instructions to Connect Radios, Repeaters and Other Devices to AllStarLink/PTTLink.
  • Radioless Nodes - Information for setting up a radioless AllStarLink/PTTLink node.
  • PSTN Node Access - Information on setting up your node for private access using a telephone instead of a radio.


  • Beginners Guide - Step by step instructions to create your account and AllStarLink/PTTLink node.
  • Beginners Guide ASL-AsteriskNG - Step by step instructions to create your account and AllStarLink/PTTLink node with ASL-AsteriskNG.
  • Docker MediaWiki Server - Information on how to setup your own wiki using MediaWiki and Docker. Useful for creating your own knowledge base/information store.
  • MikroTik - Information on MikroTik software/device configuration for use with AllStarLink/PTTLink (Install on VPS, AMPRNet configuration, etc).
  • VPN - Information on setting up various VPN connections/software with AllStarLink/PTTLink (OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSEC, L2TP, TINC, SoftEther, etc).
  • VOTER - Information about the Voice Observing Time Extension for Radio (VOTER) hardware and protocol.

Como Hacer


  • ASL AMD Latest AllStarLink/PTTLink installer for x86/AMD (main site)
  • ASL AMD Latest AllStarLink/PTTLink installer for x86/AMD (alternative site)
  • Raspberry Pi Latest AllStarLink/PTTLink image for the Raspberry Pi
  • AllStarLink/PTTLink Repo AllStarLink/PTTLink Image Repository

Note: The AllStarLink/PTTLink 1.01 installer is a Network installer and still uses the site to download the .deb install files.


  • ASL AMD Última versión del instalador de AllStarLink/PTTLink para x86/AMD (sitio principal).
  • ASL AMD Última versión del instalador de AllStarLink/PTTLink para x86/AMD (sitio alterno).
  • Raspberry Pi Última versión de la imagen de AllStarLink/PTTLink para Raspberry Pi.


  • Development - Information regarding development of the AllStarLink/PTTLink software (i.e., contributing, etc).
  • Public APIs - Public "APIs" for retrieving information on the current network/node status
  • Compiling - Building PTTLink from source
  • DAHDI Dummy - How to fix audio stutter on AllStarLink/PTTLink based Raspberry PI images
  • IAX Text Protocol - app_rpt iax text frame protocol
  • Debian Packaging - Information on how to create .deb package files for Debian based distributions


About AllStarLink

About PTTLink

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Other Information

  • Historical Archive - The AllStarLink/PTTLink Historical Archive section. Contains items that are no longer relevant but retained for historical purposes and reference.



Note: AllStar is a registered trademark of AllStarLink, Inc.