RTCM Firmware upgrading

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The RTCM tries to update it's firmware every time it boots as part of the bootloader process. The bootloader has it's own IP address which is set by menu 14 of the IP parameters menu. The default bootloader IP address is If that address fits in your network you can leave it there for all the RTCMs on your LAN as it is active only during the bootloader process.

If you are updating an RTCM which is behind a firewall you will need to port forward 16388 UDP to the bootloader IP address. If you leave all your bootloaders on the same IP address then you won't have to change the forwarding to update different RTCMs.

The RTCM firmware is updated with a Windows program EBLEX C3 Programmer. Download from here. Put both the exe and the ini file in a folder.

Download the firmware here. You probably want Voter-SMT.cry unless you built a thru-hole board or you need the dspbew version. Save the cry file in the folder with the exe and ini files.

Run the EBLEX Programmer:

  • Fill in the target IP address with the public IP if your RTCM is behind a firewall otherwise fill in the target IP address with the bootloader IP address.
  • Load the cry file.
  • Click the Capture Target button.
  • Reboot the RTCM with telnet, power cycle or the reset button. In a moment you should see text come up on the programmer.
  • Click the Program button.
  • In a few minutes you will see some more messages including a program complete message.
  • Click the Reset LIA button. The RTCM will restart with the new firmware.

Telnet into your RTCM and verify the new version is loaded with menu 98.