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The Organization - AllStarLink Inc.
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This is the official information section for AllStarLink, Inc.


A change to the AllStarLink, Inc. Board of Directors and supporting volunteers was done at a membership meeting on 14 February 2021[1]. Official notice of this change has been sent to the former AllStarLink, Inc. Board of Directors and supporting volunteers.

Until the official AllStarLink wiki at is turned over to the new board (as of the date of this wiki article), all information regarding the actions taken by the AllStarLink, Inc. Board shall be posted here.

Targeted Harassment

A statement from the AllStarLink, Inc Board of Directors regarding targeted harassment by the former (now censured and dismissed) AllStarLink board members and their supporters can be found here

Changes to the organization

You can read about the changes made to the AllStarLink, Inc. organization at the 14 February 2021 meeting here

AllStarLink Board of Directors

The AllStarLink, Inc Board of Directors is as follows (ASL bylaws, Art III, Sec 2, Item C):

AllStarLink, Inc. Board of Directors
Chairman Stacy Olivas, KG7QIN
Secretary Bryan Fields, W9CR
Treasurer Jeremy Lincicome, W0JRL

AllStarLink Board of Governors

The following is a list of AllStarLink Governing Members (ASL bylaws, Art III, Sec 2, Item D):

AllStarLink Board of Governors
Name Callsign
Jerrold Cummings N0PKT
Bryan Fields W9CR
Nathan Hardman N8THN
Thomas Hayward KD7LXL
Jason Kendall VE3YCA
Jeremy Lincicome W0JRL
Stacy Olivas KG7QIN
Juan Carlos Perez De Castro KM4NNO / XE1F

Board of Governors Alumni

The following is a list of former AllStarLink Governing Members.

Name Callsign
Ben Cranston KE8CGS
Frederic Moses W8FSM

Non-profit status

AllStarLink, Inc. is not for profit corporation registered in the US State of Florida. [2]

And has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS as a Non-Profit.


AllStarLink, Inc. has assigned a trustee for the callsign of the late Jim Dixon, WB6NIL as a club.[3]


The official AllStarLink, Inc. Bylaws can be found here

Official Meeting Minutes

AllStarLink, Inc. meeting minutes are a matter of public record. As such they can be viewed under ASL Meeting Minutes


Various disclosures for AllStarLink, Inc can be viewed under ASL Disclosures


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  3. FCC License Search - WB6NIL [2]