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The link activity timer may be used to reset a link configuration back to a default configuration if a user changes how the node is linked. This helps in situations where the user forgets to reset the system to the default values, or drives out of range.

The activity timer is armed when the link state is changed by a local DTMF function. The activity timer is zeroed whenever a signal is heard on the receiver, and the activity macro is executed when the timer reaches the lnkacttime value.

The Link Activity timer is supported in app_rpt.c version 0.182 or later.

COP functions

There are three cop functions associated with the Link Activity Timer:

COP Function Description Telemetry Response
45 Link Activity timer enable LATENA
46 Link Activity timer disable LATDIS
47 Reset "Link Config Changed" Flag none

Functions 45 and 46 enable and disable the activity timer function. These can be used to enable or disable the activity timer.

Function 47 is used to reset the "Link Config Changed" Flag. This flag is set whenever a user connects or disconnects a link. This is useful for implementing macros where you want to change the link state without arming the activity timer.

Key/Value Pairs

All of the key value pairs noted below are placed in the node stanza. There are four key value pairs related to the link activity timer.


Set to 1 to enable the link activity timer at initialization, or 0 to leave it disabled. The default is 0.

Note: If the activity timer is disabled in rpt.conf, it can still be enabled with the COP command.


This sets the amount of time to wait before executing the inactivity macro. Set to a value between 180 and 2000000 seconds.


This is the function to execute when the activity timer expires. This can either be a function or another macro defined in the [macros] stanza.


For a 30 second warning message, set this to the path of a ulaw or pcm sound file to play locally when there is 30 seconds left on the activity timer.

Note: Do not include the extension name of the sound file.

If no path is specified, the default path will be /var/lib/asterisk/sounds.


lnkactenable=1                          ; Enable link activity timer         
lnkacttime=900                          ; 15 minute link activity timer    
lnkactmacro=*52                         ; Use macro 2 in the [macros] stanza for link activity timer
lnkacttimerwarn=30sectillsitenorm       ; Sound file for 30 second warning message located in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds