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PTTLink has a built-in backup feature that is often overlooked. Backups are easy to create and are stored on our Backup server.

Backup Settings

To enable backups you'll need to set up the /etc/astrerisk/savenode.conf file as shown. Replace the node number and password with any one of the node's info on your server. The backup filename will be the chosen node number.

Sample: savenode.conf

NODE=1999         ; replace with your node number
PASSWORD=123456   ; replace with your password


To create a backup type: on DIAL and prior.
or save-node on PTTLink.
All nodes on your server will be backed up.


  • Point your browser at [Backup server] and enter your node number and it's password.
  • You will see your last four backups in tgz format. Click the one you want to download it.
  • With your favorite file transfer program upload the file to your user home directory.
  • Then *CLI> tar -xzvf fliename.tgz; cd etc/asterisk and cp all or some of the files to the /etc/asterisk directory.

PTTLink Backup and Restore Menu

  • Login is as root.
  • Start the PTTLink Menu by typing ptt-menu at the Linux prompt if not already showing.
  • Select "6 PTTLink Configuration Edit Menu"
  • Select "A Backup Restore Menu"
  • Choose the Backup or Restore function desired