Courtesy Tones

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This HowTo explains how to use and define courtesy tones.

Node Stanza Keys

The node stanza keys below define what unkey events you want to send courtesy tones for, and exceptions for unkey events on locally connected nodes (hosted on the same PC).

Key Value Description
linkunkeyct telemetry stanza key Courtesy tone sent when a networked user unkeys. The default for this is no courtesy tone
nolocallinkct 1 or 0 Send unlinkedct instead of linkedct if another local node is connected to this node (hosted on the same PC).The nolocallinkct key became available in version 0.184 of app_rpt.c.
remotect telemetry stanza key This courtesy tone will be sent in addition to any other courtesy tone when a remote base is connected to the node.The default is to send telemetry stanza key ct3.
unlinkedct telemetry stanza key Send a this courtesy tone when the user unkeys if the node is not connected to any other nodes.

Telemetry Stanza Keys

The telemetry stanza is used to define a telemetry sequence. A telemetry sequence can be a sound file, a tone sequence, or a morse code message.

Since we are discussing courtesy tones, we will skip over the morse and voice options.

To define a telemetry sequence, you must first choose a telemetry key, then set the value for that key as follows:

mykey=!t(tone group)[(tone group)][...]


mykey is a name for the courtesy tone, known as the courtesy tone key

tone group is a way to define a single or dual tone sequency of arbitrary duration, frequency, and amplitude. There can be one or multiple tone groups for entry in the telemetry stanza.

Tone Group

A tone group is a set of 4 comma separated integers formatted as follows:


frequency1 and frequency2 must be a number between 0 and 3000. These specify the tone frequency in Hz.

duration is the tone on time in Milliseconds. amplitude is the relative volume level of the tone or tones. This can be from 0 to 8192.

A tone group consisting of zeroes for amplitude and frequency will be sent as a silent period.

A single frequency tone can be sent by setting frequency2 to zero.

Note: There must be no spaces between the commas, numbers, or the parenthesis.

Example Telemetry Stanza