How to Move a Node from one machine to another

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if you are not going to use (and it's name derivatives) or, you are moving your PTTLink node to an existing Debian or Ubuntu machine; or, just want to do things some arbitrary way:

Do the following:

Copy the ENTIRE /etc/asterisk folder from the WORKING PTTLink node machine to: - another Linux/Windows box for safe keeping, - (and replace the existing) to your new node host PTTLink machine

perform side-by-side comparisons to make confirm correct file copy

restart asterisk

plug in the URI

restart asterisk again

check for errors in the Asterisk Console and /var/log/asterisk/messages. Logs sometimes appear in /etc/asterisk/messages

if: you get this message: WARNING[23791]: chan_simpleusb.c:2149 setformat: Unable to re-open DSP device 2 (usb28569): No such file or directory then: echo snd_pcm_oss >>/etc/modules and either modprobe snd_pcm_oss and check for /dev/dsp or reboot. ls -la /dev/dsp

Credit belongs to N4IRS for the direct above commands.

if: /dev/dsp is something like this: crw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 May 15 18:49 /dev/dsp then: chmod 775 /dev/dsp

systemctl status check to see if any process have failed usually restarting Asterisk will cause the update node list service to fail. In this case, you may see something such as:

State: degraded

    Jobs: 0 queued
  Failed: 1 units

Now do:

systemctl --failed


● updatenodelist.service loaded failed failed PTTLink NodeList updater

Then do this: systemctl restart updatenodelist.service

if that does not work, then: service updatenodelist restart

Those who read all the instructions: - you must make absolutely sure all of the files you copied have the SAME permissions as on the working PTTLink node. - you may have to either:

 - use sudo if you put PTTLink Asterisk on a daily use machine that has a normal user, other than root
   or, you can just typer sudo su instead of prefixing all commands with sudo