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How It Works

There is a registration server located at which receives registration requests from all PTTLink nodes. If the node number is valid, and the password matches what is on file for the node, then a master list of valid PTTLink nodes is updated with the latest IP address seen by the registration server. This master list is then periodically retrieved by another set of entirely different PTTLink node servers which are located in different geographical locations. All valid PTTLink nodes can then request and retrieve a copy of the master node list by running the rc.updatenodelist script at periodic intervals. App_rpt reads the output of this script and will allow incoming connections originating from nodes in this list, and will also allow outgoing connections for any node listed in the script.

Manual setup Instructions

In order to use the registration feature, you will need to know both your PTTLink node number and PTTLink access password. If you have forgotten your PTTLink access password, you can retrieve it from, if you know the email address you registered the node to, and the node number of the node.

To use the new update process, a registration statement is added to the general section of /etc/asterisk/iax.conf using a text editor such as vi, emacs, or nano. The format of the register statement is:


node is your assigned PTTLink node number.

password is your assigned PTTLink node access password.

For example, node 1234 which has a password of 12345678 would put the following line in [general] section /etc/asterisk/iax.conf:





Note: You will need to issue an iax2 reload command from the Asterisk Command line, or restart Asterisk after you save iax.conf.

Obsolete variations:

As of 7/1/2008, dynamic DNS and/or static IP addresses are no longer required for nodes which are part of the PTTLink network. The new node identification method uses an iax.conf register statement to update the PTTLink registration server with the latest IP address in use by the PTTLink node. Depending upon the distribution


Please note that in the ACID Distribution, node registration is automatically configured for you. You will be prompted for your node number and node password at the completion of the installation process.

Limey Linux

Limey Linux has the nodesetup script available. Just type nodesetup at the shell prompt, and you will be prompted for your node number, password, and node callsign.