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The following Data Use Policy applies to all PTTLink servers and systems and governs the way in which data from these systems may be used.

General Policy

The exporting, scraping, copying, scanning, transcribing, indexing, recording, importing, distribution/redistribution (whole or in part), and selling of data from PTTLink systems is prohibited unless express written permission is obtained from PTTLink.

Additionally, the following additional system/data specific policies apply:


The PTTLink Nodelist is provided for use only by registered PTTLink users and only for the processing by the app_rpt software to connect to other registered PTTLink nodes.

Use of the information in the nodelist for any other purpose without the express written permission of PTTLink is prohibited.

For the nodelist, registered users is defined as a user whose node (or nodes) have successfully authenticated to the PTTLink registration server. The nodelist only allows those systems which have successfully registered to download the latest listing. Under no circumstances shall the PTTLink nodelist be distributed or redistributed to non PTTLink users.

This restriction also includes the Allmon nodelist that is distributed by PTTLink. The Allmon nodelist shall only be used for the node administration via the Allmon or Supermon software. All other uses, to include the distribution/redistribution (in whole or part), processing by other systems, etc is prohibited without the express written permission of PTTLink.

All others

Unless specified above, users of data from "all other" PTTLink systems/servers shall adhere to the General Policy.


Violations of this policy may include (but not limited to): suspension or termination of your PTTLink account per Article III, section 6 of the PTTLink bylaws.


Send all comments, inquires, and other correspondence regarding this Data Use Policy to