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This how-to will show you how to implement a remote base in Asterisk/app_rpt

The primary purpose of a remote base node is to make outgoing RF connections using a frequency Agile radio to allow access to frequency which are not part of your Internet connected radio system.

Remote base nodes are configured differently than a standard node. A completely different set of internal functions in Asterisk/app_rpt is used when operating a node as a remote base. Usually, the only reason to set up a node as a remote base is when you wish to change the operating parameters of the the attached radio remotely, or if you only want the radio to be used by a single user at a time. The operating parameters would be frequency, emission mode, power level, and receive and transmit CTCSS tones.

Remote bases which are configured to allow a remote user to command a compatible radio are known as frequency/mode agile remote bases.

Security Issues

Unfettered access to remote bases can be a security issue. If the remote base has no login protection, it could be used by unscrupulous individuals to violate amateur radio rules and regulations. We strongly advise that all remote bases be protected by requiring a login code. Behavior of Standard Nodes Versus Remote Base Nodes

Behavior of Standard Nodes Versus Remote Base Nodes

Behavior Standard None Remote Base Node
Command Decoding Remote or Local. DTMF can be optionally decoded on the receive audio input. Remote only. No DTMF will be decoded on the receive audio input.
Duplexing Configurable: duplex or half-duplex. Half-duplex only
Frequency and Mode Agility Fixed frequency operation, and channelized operation only using arguments passed in to app_rpt from extensions.conf Frequency and Mode agile. Support for several radio types using asynchronous serial, CAT, and synchronous serial.
Multiple connections Multiple nodes can connect. Operates as a conference bridge. Only one node can connect at a time.
Login Protection No Optional