Transmitting Tone Sequences

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The following information is about transmitting tone sequences using COP functions in rpt.conf.

COP function

Cop function 48 is associated with transmitting arbitrary tone sequences. These tone sequences can be any combination of single tones, dual tones, and silence periods,

These tone sequences are only heard on the repeater transmitter and not sent over the network.

This function is available in app_rpt.c version 0.183 or later.

Tone Sequences

Tone sequences are specified as !Tone_A+Tone_B/Duration_in_MS. ToneB is optional and not specified, the + operator must be omitted.

The exclamation point operator is required when specifying arbitrary tones.

DTMF tones can be entered in shorthand fashion as as single digits separated by commas.


881=cop,48,1,2,3,4,#                                           ; Send DTMF 1,2,3,4, and #
882=cop,48,!399.8/1000,!339.6/2000                             ; Send two tone paging sequence: Motorola codes 144,141
883=cop,48,!1100+1700/100,!0/60,!700+900/60,!0/60,!700+1100/60,!0/60,!700+900/60,!0/60,!1500+1700/60 ; Send MF tone sequence KP121ST