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In order to deploy a remote base node, the following items will be required:

  1. An assigned dedicated node number (e.g. pttlink.org)
  2. A radio interface
  3. A radio interface cable
  4. A supported radio
  5. A new or existing PC host computer

Requesting an PTTLink Node Number for a Remote Base

Remote base nodes must be specifically requested from http://pttlink.org. When requesting a remote base node, check the box Rem. Base, and if the remote base is frequency agile, check the box Freq. Agile.

Radio Interface

A free port on a radio interface such as the Quad Radio PCI card, or the URI adapter must be made available for use by the remote base

Radio Interface Cable

A radio Interface cable must be constructed to interface the Radio to the Radio Interface. Links to schematics for a few of these cables are at the end of this book.

Supported Radios

This is a list of remote base radios which are currently supported in app_rpt:

  1. Dumb (Any radio, with no remote tuning capability)
  2. Kenwood TMG-707A
  3. Kenwoood TM-271
  4. Yaesu FT-897D
  5. Icom IC-706

Host Computer

Any PC running ACID or Limey Linux with a spare PCI Slot for the Quad Radio PCI card, or a spare USB port for the URI.